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Staropramen Brewery Prague


Fantastic interactive tour with modern audiovisual equipment!

The history of Staropramen Brewery dates back to 1869. Today it is the largest brewery in Prague and offers its visitors a unique opportunity to tour the newly renovated area of the visitor center, which includes:


  • The brand new entrance to the visitor center makes you feel as if you were in an old Prague square.

  • First, the clients enter the room with many screens showing the history of the brewery and information about brewing in the distant past. There is also a historical periscope through which you can watch the projection of old photographs. In addition, the clients can use touch screens where they can view various information of their choice related to the Staropramen product portfolio (world’s largest exporter of beer in Prague).

  • The next room is the authentic period lab where the specific taste of Staropramen beer was born; a digital hologram of the brewmaster is also projected here in life size. This character seems to be alive and tells the clients (in Czech, English, German and Russian languages) how the recipe for one of the most popular beers in Prague was created.

  • Then you walk into the historic brewhouse (beer used to be brewed here) with the room equipped with a number of giant screens which are stylishly framed as ancient paintings. They show the whole brewing process from the cultivation of hops, through brewing, fermentation to the end of production. Throughout the process, the clients are guided by the late brewmaster who speaks to the clients through the above-mentioned screens and tells them about the mystery connected with the production of beer. It is not only a fantastic show for the eyes, but you can employ other senses and pick up different types of hops (Pilsen, Bavarian, caramel and color). 

  • You can also see a miniature of the production line.

  • At the end, beer tasting at the newly opened stylish pub where you can taste the lager (specific production and maturation of beer) or Garnet (special semi-dark lager) or a classic dark lager etc. is a very popular activity.

  Tour of the brewery offers 50 mins of experience for all your senses :-) . 

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday from 10am to 6pm.
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