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U Fleků Restaurant Prague

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Prague 1, Old Town, metro route B – Karlovo náměstí (Charles’ Square)

History and presence of the „U Fleků“ restaurant and brewery  
The brewery and restaurant U Fleků needn't be specially introduced. Most probably everyone who sometimes passed Křemencova Street was impressed by the richly adorned clock on the brewery façade which invite to one of the series of this pub’s rooms. And everyone who accepted such invitation must have call to his mind, or better say to the tongue, the delicious and unchangeable taste of the Fleck’s 13° strong lager. The lager is brewed after old recipes even today, but on premises equipped with modern instrumentation and with the same care as at the time of our grandfathers. Indeed, the “U Fleků" brewery is celebrating the 500th anniversary from its foundation in 1499.
The air of the ancient Flek’s House is underlined by its decoration and stylish furnishings of individual pub’s rooms and parlours, too. Starting from the most famous and the most peculiar, the so called “Akademie”, in which well-known personages of Czech cultural life used to meet in the last century, through the “Václavka” room adorned with coloured glass cases, the “Jitrnice" with the Gothic vault, up to the “Knights Hall” arranged and furnished in a romantic spirit. In our eight halls and restaurant premises, the “U Fleků” brewery and restaurant can entertain more than twelve hundred visitors at once, whether in the intimate setting of "Kufr or Akademie" or in the “Kabaret” parlour with two hundred seats, which is the location of the Fleck’s Cabaret.
The history and presence of the Fleck’s House is eventful. For some it remains a pilgrim’s place of Prague and Czech beer drinkers; some perceive it as an interesting landmark as regards tourism, certainly one of the most frequented in the Czech Republic, and undoubtedly, it is also one of the best-known Prague pubs. Today, it's also a place of culinary treats. The personnel of a modernly equipped kitchen are capable of satisfying requirements of the most fastidious gourmets with the menu of traditional Czech meals.  
Cabaret programme as requested.  
Start at 20.00 hrs.
Sightseeing trip through the brewery  
Monday – Friday 10.00 – 16.00 hrs. Sightseeing trip of the brewery, video recordings, beer tasting, souvenir (glass with emblem). On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the sightseeing trip is preconditioned with a visit to our restaurant and ordering a dish. Per order only. Minimum number of persons 10.  
Sightseeing trip of the brewery museum  
Monday – Friday 10.00 – 16.00 hrs. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the sightseeing trip is preconditioned with a visit to our restaurant and ordering a dish. Per order only.
Live music for listening is played on all premises every evening.
Opening hours  
Daily from 9.00 to 23.00 hrs

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