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1999-2019 už 20 let spolu

Admission prices - Prague Castle, Golden Lane, Křižik´s Fountain etc.


Indicative prices.

Strahov library

CZK 120 adults

CZK 60 youth 

Petřín lookout tower

CZK 150 adults

CZK 80 youth, seniors

Church Loreta

CZK 150 adults and seniors

CZK 110 youth

The National Museum in Prague – historical building 

CZK 250 adults

CZK 170 youth, seniors

Museum of miniatures

CZK 130 adults

CZK 70 youth, seniors

Prague Castle - long visit

CZK 350 adults

CZK 175 youth, seniors

Prague Castle - short visit

CZK 250 adults

CZK 125 youth, seniors

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas (Malá strana)

CZK 100 adults

CZK 60 youth, seniors

Jewish quarter – a variant I Old-new synagogue

CZK 200 adults

CZK 140 youth, seniors

Jewish quarter – a variant II The synagogue: Klausova, Pinkasova, Smíchovská,the Spanish, the cemetery, the gallery

This is 7-day ticket, but in every synagogue, it is possible to enter only once. Every Saturday is a holiday – synagogues are closed.

CZK 500 adults

CZK 350 youth, seniors

Křižík's Fountain was closed.


Metro ticket costs CZK 24/adults and 12 CZK/childrens. With this ticket you can travel for 30 min and is also possible to change between the metro routes and combine driving with the bus or tram. In addition, it is possible to purchase a ticket for CZK 32/adults and CZK 16/childrens, and then it is possible to travel the 90 minutes. One day ticket costs CZK 110/adults and 55 CZK/childrens. Three-day tickets cost CZK 310/adults and childrens. The metro operates from 5:00 am to 24:00 pm.

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